Some reflections on my weekly game

So, have I improved? Well, I did better than last week, when I lost by -50 points or something against 10k with H9… Today, I played similar conditions, H9 against 2k teaching game, and came out with 10 points or so… I wish I had thought of taking a picture of it, but it slipped my mind. Basically I managed to secure 2 corners, and had 3 points in the middle from a group I kept alive after what can only be described as an epic struggle. The person I played against was actually the first person I played when I started going to these weekly meets, two months ago; overall I have improved significantly, according to him, as I challenged him a lot more, and made it harder for him to kill me. I’m not yet where at the point where I can play a game with a 9 stone handicap and win against any of them at this point (10k being the lowest rank at those meets) but give me some more months and we’ll see. Overall, the comments I got is that my reading needs improvement, but how I look at the board and interpret moves is getting better… Though the question whether to defend or attack is just still killing me.

Since I’ve improved, I’ll be very courteous and give you black

Lacking a picture of the outcome, I’ll provide something I found online to the left here; and I’ll regale to you how my coming out went. Yes, I told the people at the club that I am in fact trans, since they were getting the pronoun wrong. I haven’t done this sort of coming out in a while, so it was interesting, and luckily painless. I mean, from a bunch of people who try to attack, poke out eyes, and kill, at every game… never know ^_^ But I was safe, had both my eyes, and talked about gender issues, the lack of women who play the game in South Africa, and Sally Gross. Who is Sally? Well I knew her as the Director of Intersex South Africa, a strong activist who had passed away earlier this year; I didn’t know she had been a member of the South African Go Association, and went to the same meet-up in Cape Town that I am going now… She had a keen interest in the game apparently; I knew she played now and then, but never knew how serious she was.


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