Explosive and aggressive games

Whenever people talk about baduk, it kinda sounds violent: attack, defend, kill, life, death, poke out eyes (as opposed to profiles people you like on Facebook.) So this Japanese advert was posted on Facebook recently. It is for some Japanese mobile app game full of explosions, I gather; my Japanese is really really bad, so no clue what they’re saying. But gotta love the concept.

It reminded me of this comic by Chidori. But truth be told, the balance between aggressive and defensive is quite hard to get in baduk… My recent games, where I try to challenge and invade my opponents territory is just one example where explosive results happen; mostly, what is still alive on the board for me gets nuked into the higher heavens…

(source: emptytriangle.com)
What about proximity detectors and small charges of nitroglycerine inside the stones? hmmm… it would make things more interesting

No true explosions have been recorded in games of baduk… though I hope someday it will, that would just be so cool. The closest anything came is probably the famous “Atomic Bomb Game” (which didn’t go like the above comic, the stones were not nuclear), played at Hiroshima when the bomb fell… They were 5 kilometres from the epicentre; the building was severely damaged and several people at the match were injured, so they did the only thing they could do: they took a lunch break and kept on playing until evening that day. If you want something more visual, the “Blood-vomiting Game” was played in 1835 in Japan; the match lasted 4 days without adjournments; white won, and black vomited blood over the board and died a few weeks later.



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