The one-eyed leading the blind…

So a former colleague of a colleague, or someone who worked where I now work before I worked there, likes to play chess; she says she rarely has time and isn’t good at it, but she likes strategy. So of course the first time I tell her is that she should try playing baduk; I mean, gotta recruit a few more girls into the game, not to mention recruit people in general in Southern Africa.

Mostly, I found it funny, however, that I am trying to teach someone… I’m 24k on KGS, BC on IGS, and 28 (+44%) on OGS – though on OGS I’ve only finished one game in total, so that might not be too accurate. Suddenly, I’m trying to explain things such as eyes, ladders, life and death, and all that stuff; I’m kinda surprised at how much I do know… Until I went online tonight and got completely annihilated again… So yeah, in the land of the blind, this one-eyed woman just still has one eye in the end.

I hope she continues playing, which isn’t easy if there aren’t any clubs around. I mean, playing online is one thing, but I find it extremely hard to be a beginner on places like KGS; mostly, people really don’t like to play against weaker players, apart from OGS, from my experience.


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