And back there again… losing…

And this time I can’t even blame it on the wine… only had one glass…

So I played a ranked game yesterday, and lost terribly… Maybe that one win really made me overconfident. The funny thing is that I pretty much dominated the board in the beginning of the game, and I was ahead of my opponent, even without the additional negative komi of 39.5 points, until a fatal mistake… If you look at the white mirror-L lying down in the bottom right area, that was a capture that determined the entire corner, and it only got captured after I failed to notice that a group which was very much alive was running out of liberties because I was too busy attacking. In the end the 5 stones that white captured made at least a 30 point difference, if not more. I lost the game by 17.5 points including the neg komi; the negative komi was to offset the rank difference between me and my opponent: I’m ranked 23k on the SAGA system, while my opponent – 10k Master, as I have nicknamed him – is, well, 10k. So 14 stones difference turns into 9 stones and 39.5 negative komi. In the upper left corner, 10k Master basically emulated Corner Killer and devastated a corner which was pretty much mine… And I do need to do something about my corner invasion defense skills… In another game I am playing on DGS I’m having the same issue: a corner invasion which ended up living and taking 15 points away from me.

The most important lesson I’ve taken away from this is that I need to balance my attacks with defense… I’m sure there is some sort of baduk proverb to that end (while there is probably one that states the exact opposite as well.)


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