Reflections on my game on DGS

20141021 game on DGS
B+17.5; game setup: 6.5 dum [komi] and 5H, 30d + 1d Fischer.
I finished a set of games on DGS, which I will be uploading here a batch at a time. This game I won, playing black with a 5 stone handicap and 6.5 dum [덤, or komi in Japanese]; I know normally in handicap games there is no komi or only 0.5 to break a tie, but I just didn’t set that properly up on DGS when I created the game. I can’t embed the actual sgf here, but if you click on the screenshot of the final position you can find it on EidoGo… or click here.

Overall, it was a good game, I think it would be more equal to have played at 3 or 4 stones and 0.5 dum, which is what I am proposing for in a rematch. I found it an interesting experience, playing on DGS, initially I though it would be easier since there is so much more time to think over a single move. However, it felt very different, it was more like strange snapshots that were strangely disconnected; every time it was my move I had to go over half the game to figure out how to proceed, and it wasn’t easy to recall the full reasoning of why I had made a previous move. It probably doesn’t help that I mostly play my moves during breaks at work either…

The initial ranks were 28 geup for me and 19 geup for my opponent, but considering the we played it over a total of 35 days our ranks had shifted to 30 geup and 17 geup respectively; and with the game my rank shifted to 26 geup (and his to 18 geup). Geup being the Korean term for kyu, which I use because I play baduk, and because I’m stubborn (according to certain people). In any case, ranks are weird as it is; on the SAGA system I am 23 geup, while on KGS I’m 21 and on IGS I am 17 with question mark.


12 thoughts on “Reflections on my game on DGS”

  1. I’ve been both ways on the correspondence games. I played on DGS. In early DGS games I tried to actually really study positions, reading things out on a separate board, etc. (I disclosed this practice in my info). But I got bored with the slow pace of the games. I also grew to hate playing a game I felt like I was losing and having to look at it every day for three months. I switched to playing LOTS of simultaneous DGS games. Once I started this practice, it became more of a “Make a move, go on to the next game” exercise and the thoughtfulness of my games was definitely lower than a game over a real board or a game KGS. It did keep me “touching stones” every day despite a demanding schedule though. But now I’ve rotated back to KGS games and get more social aspect to my Go this way which I like.


    1. Overall I play worse online, whether it is turn based or live; I think about at least 2-3 stones. I know what you mean with the simultaneous games… go always two digits running


  2. Agreed in the disjointed/disconnected part. I’m sure my strength on DGS is a couple of stones weaker than my “live” strength. It’s hard to stick to a plan, I kind of make new plans every move and then the tactics blend and the game becomes a complete mess haha. Nice blog btw!


      1. Haha, same here same here… If you want some pointers or teaching game just write to me on KGS, I’m not super strong but happy to help with what I can. Kgs accounts: Sundaay and yukisan


        1. Being currently on the bottom of the KGS food chain I’m sure I can learn from you. Haven’t been online there in a long time sine I got tired playing bots and it is near impossible to find a game as a DDK at times, but will look out for you!


  3. I feel the same way about correspondence games. Even though you have “more time,” I find that the games feel a bit disjointed (and not to mention I sometimes find myself spending more time than I’d like on a move). Haha.


    1. i actually just discovered the “conditional moves” option on OGS… I’m trying it out and we’ll see; it might help in alleviating some of the disjointed issues…


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