Two losses, one bad and the other worse…

20141022 Cx3 01
W+15.5; game setup: 6.5 dum [komi] and 5H, 30d + 1d Fischer.
So these are two games I finished on DGS recently as well, I played both simultaneously against the same opponent, and lost both. I played black in both games, and both with handicap (5 and 4 stones respectively); again, I forgot to set the dum to 0.5 so there is a 6.5 dum in each game despite the handicap. I haven’t uploaded them on EidoGo, but if you want the game ID for the first one (see image on the right) is 928882.

W+69.5; game setup:
W+69.5; game setup: 6.5 dum [komi] and 4H, 30d + 1d Fischer.
While the first one was a reasonable defeat, the second (game ID 929260) was closing on “humiliating” with a 69.5 point victory for my opponent. Even if I take into account the one handicap stone less, it was still pretty bad. Although playing the game was fun, it definitely was a challenge, and I hope I’ve learned something; I’ve sent both games for review to a friend of mine, and I’m eager to get an objective opinion on my mistakes. Of course my rank plummeted after these two games, but that is inevitable. In the mean time, I’m having a rematch, with 6 stones handicap and 0.5 dum. Both games we played started at the same time, and ended on the same day; my opponent was 21k when we started and 20k when we finished.

I’ve also “won” a few games by time-out but that doesn’t count in my book, and I’ve ensured that my settings don’t count them as ranked.


4 thoughts on “Two losses, one bad and the other worse…”

  1. Some you win some you lose. In the last game black can play b5. Try reading out what happens depending on where white blocks. You should also check out Nick Sibicky on YouTube, he posts his lessons from his DDK class, it helped me a lot when I was around your rank.


  2. Well, props to you for not trying to get your ranked wins any way you can. And if you ever need any help reviewing your games, please be sure to let me know. I would be happy to help. Best of luck on your games!


    1. I don’t get trying to artificially influence rank… I was quite irritated that a time-out got registered as a ranked win before I lowered the settings to 10 days. Thank you for the offer!


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