Turning the tide in a game!

Remember the gremlin on my board? I fought back, I battled, and I won… I thought I was merely saving face by continuing the game, hoping to limit my loss to about 20 points or so; many a time I thought about resigning in shame… But by 0.5 points I claimed the narrowest of victories… You can see the game here on OGS, not sure if you need an account though; I’ve numbered the stones on the diagram below, though. In any case I am immensely proud for not giving up; and also, if you look at the diagram of the final position, clearly I can’t properly count because those two lost stones (A & B 11) on the left side show my lame attempt to invade, which turned out to be unnecessary.

B+0.5; game setup: 6.5 dum [komi], Fischer 14d+1d
However, what won me the game was actually my opponent passing premature at move 246: the bottom right wasn’t secure yet, both P and Q 1 were not played, so the fact that his pass gave me seonsu [μ„ μˆ˜; sente in Japanese] and I played Q1 before he could play R1 won me the game… So while I am proud, I must be very honest in saying that it was a tiny slip up on my opponent’s side that gave me this game.

Overall it was an interesting game, and I think I learned the value of thinking when you play, I mean that is really really important. But seriously, it was perhaps two slip ups on my opponents side together with managing the grab the initiative quite a few times. If you access the game, it was (according to my humble DDK opinion) move 97 that started shifting the game around to… well not my side, but the middle-ish. Then, when I played move 241 at L19 , I think if he responded O18 instead of K19 then he’d kept the three stones at P19, thus securing the a win.


8 thoughts on “Turning the tide in a game!”

      1. Okey great πŸ™‚ I’m idling in South African room, if you see me online (sundaay) feel free to write to me and I can help you out a bit maybe, teaching game or anything, if you want to. cya!


  1. Congratulations!!! Fighting back and winning is perhaps one of the sweetest rewards of playing this game. And as a reminder for future games, remember that unless we become very good at territorial estimation, our own estimations of the position on the board is often influenced by emotion and unreliable. So keep that kiai spirit and keep on fighting! Congrats again on coming back and getting that half point win!

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  2. I made some comments on the game. It’s not much, and remember I’m a kyu player too so don’t take what I say as set in stone. But there were some things I think I could contribute with! I really recommend showing your games to dan players, they are great at this game I’ve heard ;D http://eidogo.com/#2aebLwZ1k


  3. Well done! Congratulation on the win πŸ™‚ It always feels nice winning with 0.5 for some reason πŸ˜€ But it’s the worst feeling in the world losing with that much haha.


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