Update! Promotion time…!

So it has been a while since I posted; the main reason is that I have spent a lot of time traveling for work, and I ended up spending a sparse 4 nights or so at home in the last month and a half… Thus my little hiatus in keeping this blog alive; not to worry, CPR starts now! And hereby a quick run down of what you’ve missed:

I got promoted to 20k! On the SAGA system that is, if you look me up on any of the online servers my rank remains below that… I’ve played a total of 7 games over an actual board in the last month and a half, and have won 5 of those. 6 of those were against an 18k in Johannesburg; they were 5 handicap games from 5 to 3 stones, of which I lost one played at 3 stones, the 6th game was an even game at 6.5 dum [덤, komi] where I took white and won as well (this game didn’t get registered on the system for some reason, or I might be edging towards 19k by now). Upon my return to Cape Town I played Mr. 10k Master, with 9 stones handicap and 19.5 reverse dum to even the game out (being 21k on the system at this point.) The result was a win by about 40 points, which means I won on the board without the help of that reverse dum. And tada! 20k! Slowly I am catching up with 10k Master, very slowly, and next time we’ll have just a 9.5 reverse dum… My aim is to catch him, he is the Akira Touya to my Hikaru Shindo! And after that… someday… Mr. Corner killer 2k will be my next rival… someday…

My last match, the one that promoted me, was interesting. I played 10k Master more than I’ve played anyone else, and having not faced him in real life for over a month, it was interesting to see how the game has shifted. It is the first time that I’ve actually noticed my own progress, as I recognised when he was trying to trick me; his style of play is familiar now, while mine is still developing (and thus still somewhat unpredictable)… I wonder if this actually gives me some advantage…

So what else? Well the South African team has moved ahead, won against Cyprus and Ireland; so they’ve chosen the Springboks route over the Bafana Bafana one… Currently they are 3rd in their group, with 5 points, behind Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. Next match is against Iceland, in Round 4, on Tuesday 9 December; tune in on IGS!


5 thoughts on “Update! Promotion time…!”

      1. Yeah that is true, but it feels good at any rank 🙂 Soon in the teen-ddks! Don’t get surprised if you suddenly jump two ranks, it happens a lot. Like, if you learn a new concept, joseki, strategy or something you can make cool jumps in the DDK ranks 😀


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