An interesting loss

DGS game 20141203
B+12; game setup: 6 dum [komi], Fischer 10d+1d
This is a game that I finished on DGS a few days ago, it was a challenge on the DGS 19×19 ladder tourny. The game was against a 19k, and I ended up with white and a 6 point dum [덤; komi]. I lost the game, however I truly enjoyed playing this. At first, I was playing it like any usual game on DGS, between breaks at work and on the go; the result was that I wasn’t counting liberties properly, and en entire group died… Black 153 was where 11 of my stones were doomed, a pointless death it was… The sequence actually began at White 142… which I should not have played at E13, but rather at F13… I voluntarily gave away seonsu [선수; sente] and thus set up the death of those poor, unfortunate stones… may they rest in pieces. At this point I wanted to resign, as I could not see a way out of this…

move 153
I felt like Frodo… climbing the slopes of Mount Doom with gardener and a psychotic addict on my heels… It seemed impossible

As you can see, it looks like a clear win for Black here: two major groups are surrounded in the middle and have no eyes, or eye potential… But in the end I decided to muddle on; I knew I’d lose, that was a given, but I wanted to see how far I could come back from this. I moved to cut two stones off from his group with W154, which essentially saved the lower of my dead-and-buried groups, resurrecting it from the dead (kinda like Harry Potter in the last book.) My opponent secures the death of the upper group by connecting, though I’m not sure if it was necessary, it was fairly dead already. Then I we had some up and down, securing the borders on the upper left side and the lower right side.

move 202
The reverse situation has happened too many times to me…

Then, grabbing the initiative, I threw in a stone with W202 at H3… Which put the 6 stones to its right into dansu [단수; atari], but also threatened a lot more… if he connects, I’d go down to H2, creating a double dansu, that would take the thusly formed B2 bomber; so then he’d have to connect at G3, and after I capture immediately has to connect at F6. I felt pretty good about reading this out properly. It is one of those things that I usually get done to me, losing groups left right and centre; doing this to someone else, felt kinda nice. He played things exactly out as I spelled out here. Since I had the initiative still, I decided to do something similar again, since he hadn’t protected all the cutting points in his territory on the lower right side.

move 210
I was just hoping, truly hoping, that I could kill his entire corner! Too often such was taken away from me with violent invasions! It was time for payback!

I threw in with W208 at R2 (marked 1)… he has to connect by playing Q2 (marked A) in order to prevent me from capturing, and I knew he’d lose one of the two B2 bombers flying around in that corner – I mean, one without a nose and one with a disformed wing… I played W210 at R4 (marked 2), and how he has two choices: if he plays B, I’ll play C and his stones above would dead; or he plays C, and I’d play B, killing his group to the left. Actually, if he played C, I think I might have had a shot at killing the entire corner; my three stones would have one extra liberty.

alternative move 215
If only… if only… 😦

I read out the sequence marked 1 to 8, and it basically would give me the corner, and the game. Unfortunately, he played B instead of C; I probably had read this out as well. Thus I took 5 stones and 5 extra points of territory… But unfortunately it wasn’t enough to catch up, I lost by 12 points… If only he had played C, I’d have won… Or, if only I had not let that group in the middle die in the first place, I could have won. But I loved the game, I felt I managed to apply some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past few months.


5 thoughts on “An interesting loss”

  1. Great game! You read out some excellent sequences which shows tremendous growth on your part. Kudos to you for making it such a close game! (And yes, 12 points is a very close game especially in the double digit kyu range).


    1. Thank you for the comment I felt; really good after this game, my opponent initially commented that he thought I might have taken the game, but I had already counted it out, and knew I had lost… But I expected a loss by at least 30 or more points, not 12 🙂


  2. Interesting! I found the game on your profile to show you this, hope you don’t mind! I hope I can get myself together and start reviewing my own games as well as you do. It’s a great habit. I hope you are enjoying our game on DGS at the moment, will make sure to review it afterwards. Hope all is well, good night 🙂


    1. LOL don’t bother looking haha. I’m so dumb. The way you played was the best. Geez my life and death is NOT good at 2 am. I feel so embarrassed haha xD still, great post and well fought!


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