When I get stubborn

When I get stubborn, I pretty much ruin any chance of winning a game. I’m playing this game on DGS right now… On the right side, my stubbornness set me back severely.
when I get stubbornAt this point I am not sure what to do, he’ll capture those two stones in dansu for sure, but I don’t see how I can make eyes; but here is where I can get really stubborn, my first thought is to move to R7 and try and fight my way out of it… Which is fairly futile…

close up
It’s another gremlin on my board…
What I should have done is sacrifice the one handicap stone that was there and the one I placed at move 6, creating an iron pillar after he extended with 5 at Q10. The advise I received at the club this week still, was to just keep things connected, run when I can, and not get into any fights. Obviously, I followed that advice perfectly here… *sigh* After we messed around on the board elsewhere he played 31, to which I didn’t respond for some weird reason I pretend I can’t remember; he plays 33 and I try and fight my way out with 34… Stupid… After he played 31 I should just have extended to where he played 33, using the middle handicap stone to keep connected.

Though here is kinda what I like about baduk, it is such a reflection of oneself… I am extremely stubborn, and what happened here is something that too often happens in my life: I become stubborn, and end up digging a hole for myself somehow…

PS: please don’t comment on any things I might be able to do here, the game is still going forward, and I want to badly lose it without any help :p


5 thoughts on “When I get stubborn”

  1. I agree with Ben, you are great at analyzing your own games. As for this specific situation, I think the key move is black 36. It allows white to hane at the head of two stones and confine black. Black 36 at white 37 and the situation is avoided. And also, even though this is big it is still a very upwards battle for me, it really is a struggle to catch up. Let’s review it more throughly afterwards.


    1. I think if I had played 36 where white played 37, I could have ran and tried to connect somehow… but it might have extended this fight to the rest of the board, which defeats my entire “don’t get into a fight” mindset… Well, the entire disaster was a bit of a defeat of said strategy already, but still


  2. I won’t pipe in with any advice as requested, but I do want to compliment you on your ability to reflect and question your decisions in the effort to improve the next time around. A trait that is sure to take you far!

    PS. We should find a time to get on OGS together so we can review our game!


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