[DGS] 2 wins, 1 loss…

Let’s start with the loss: an even game on DGS with an opponent ranked at 16k by the end of the game (compared to my 24k); I lost the game by 2.5 points, basically I lost a pae [패; ko] fight that decided the game…
White forced the pae with move 166 F3, and I had no choice but to take it, as otherwise 4 stones at D4 would be in dansu [단수; atari]… And this fight was the game decider, as I was just a few points ahead at this point, but only just…

game 1
W+ 2.5, even with 6.5 deom [덤; ko] ; W168, B171, W174, B177, W180 take pae [패; ko].
The pae fight was worth 2 points, and combined with a play I made at M16 in my own territory (admitting: out of shclose up 1eer fear for the baduk equivalent of the invasion of Normandy…) I ended up losing 3 points, which was enough to secure the victory for my opponent. However, looking back at the game, I’m not entirely sure if I would have lost the fight if I continued it, I basically chickened out of with B181; I usually give up in pae fights because I’m not good at judging pae threats… But here, looking bac, I wonder if I shouldn’t have just continued… Also at what’s play at 72 (triangle marked stone), I think I responded wrongly, and allowed him to take away a chunk of my potential territory… My response with B73 was a mistake here, I allowed him to come underneath and push towards the stone the white stone he had previously thrown there; perhaps a response at M1 instead of M2 would have been better, if he goes over it, playing M2, I can extend to L1, and the stone at L3 will make it easy to stop him… I think…

So the two wins I was referring to were against the same opponent, but we played those before this game. In fact, those were some of the first games I played on DGS, and I won both of them; of course with handicap, one with 4 stones and one with 5 stones. After I won those I suggested a game with less handicap to even it out, and make it more challenging, so we started the even game above. I think we’re actually fairly evenly matched, despite the difference in DGS rankings, and I think we play very similar… Anyway, here below the two previous games…

game 20141030
B+57.5, H5 & 6.5 deom [덤; komi]
B+6.5, H4 & 6.5 dum [덤; komi]
B+6.5, H4 & 6.5 deom [덤; komi]


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