Officially a “casual player” now

So according to the baduk page on Wikipedia – the bastion of human knowledge and creative trolling – I am now a “casual player”, as opposed to a “beginner”… I’ve promoted to 19k on the SAGA system. It lists the 20k to 10k as casual player stage, though I have no clue on what this is based; I’d actually feel that this line should be drawn around 15k, personally. But anyway, apparently a game I played recently got recorded, or something, I’m not sure… I won a game against a 5k and a teaching game against a 1k recently, but I considered them not rated… or so I thought… or maybe it was a mistake… not sure… maybe I should check up on this… hmmmm…

I think the issue here is, according to the other players at the Cape Town Go Club, I’m under-ranked… so this jump isn’t that big a of a deal; still I hate to rank up without actually winning a game.


6 thoughts on “Officially a “casual player” now”

  1. I think it’s fair to call anyone who’s crossed below 20k casual, rather than a beginner. It means you know the rules, know what a game looks like, and are beginning to deal with issues of strategy.

    Congratulations! Keep playing and remember that we all win and lose. The road to self-improvement is unending!


    1. Perhaps it’s cause IGS, Tygem, and WBaduk all start at 18 or 17k… IGS lists you as 17k? after 5 wins, regardless… But perhaps on the more structured systems it makes sense


      1. Yeah I don’t know if anyone agrees with the ranking of high ddk on those servers. Full of sandbaggers and the differences among 15-18kyu there can be huge. The 17-18kyu on those servers corresponds to the same ranks as like 17-30kyu on KGS. So it is a bumpy place to play before you get a little stronger and get to like 13-14kyu (IGS) and below, then you begin to have games against people that are about you own strength. This is why I always recommend KGS


        1. Yep, pretty much… not sure why they structured it like that.

          Personally I’m all OGS and DGS right now, I prefer correspondence/turn-based games; but even the last few live games I did were on OGS


    1. I’m checking up, it seems it is actually an even game against an 18k that I played in JHB a while back that was recorded only now… otherwise my existence in the teen DDK range would have been very shortlived.


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