[OGS] Loss by resignation (or by invasion?)

I played this game yesterday on OGS, well I finished this yesterday; a crushing defeat to say the least… I resigned by move 24, after I ran out of liberties in a fight ans was about to see my entire side of the board slaughtered. I chose surrender over death… I’m sure the samurai would think me a coward, but I would like to remind them that I am, in fact, Korean, and unlike those warlike feudal dictators, Koreans valued scholarship over war. Anyway, take a look here:

game 20141208 2
W+Resign; H7 & 0.5 deom [덤; komi]
Actually, look it up on OGS it is game number 119857… I tried to keep things connected, with 7 handicap stones that should still be the best strategy, but his invasions were skillfull, and somehow he managed to sneak into places I thought even a hollywood version of a katana couldn’t cut through… But it was amazing to watch… I thought I should be able to win at 7 stones against a 14k, but I overestimated him, and at time got drawn into fights I should have left alone. In the end, it seemed like I’d lose by around 10 points, which is somewhat close, but I played wrongly in a neutral point, and he cut at the right place… his group that I had deprived of a second eye in the beginning rose up like a zombie samurai to cut this humble Korean to pieces… I haven’t properly reviewed it yet though, I’m still mourning for my stones, but I commend my opponent to a very skillfully played game!


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