[OGS] A game of under 160 moves

This game I played on OGS, it was suppose to be a correspondence game, but ended up being finished very quickly: we played out the middle and endgame out in one day. My opponent here is 20k, so there was only a 0.5 deom [덤; komi] instead of a handicap; I am ranked 21k right now.

game 20141208 3
B+72.5; 0.5 deom [덤; komi]
The scene by move 13… And as usual I had no clue why I used the Chinese opening…

The game itself started out fairly basic: I used the high chinese opening, though I still have no clue what to do with it, and he took the lower star point on the left side, the 3-4 point (C17), and K3 (just below the lower star point). I decided to play on the left side, and took the star point – my thought was that if he responds on either side I could still make a base with a two or even three point jump; however, he just protected by playing G3 and I thus created my base by moving to D14. He took J16 and I decided to strengthen my influence in the upper right side by take M17… So we had a fairly equal opening.

The the game got very territorial… We started building walls, and a diagonal one started running from the upper left corner to the centre of the board; together with a small wall three quarters down the board, it gave me a “slice of the pie” kinda territory. At this point, I had fairly secure territory, while white had bit more but less secure (I think). But then, when he moved to M11 with 54, I expected him to go rambo and start attacking my influence, because if that turned into territory he’d be short.

I see lots of space between black stones… it’s almost an invitation

His move baffled me a bit, after 54 (marked) I made an elephant’s jump from one of my stones (1), and he followed with a diagonal jump (2), and I simply blocked… I expected him to play 2 at one of the points marked A to E; in my lowly DDK opinion that would cut into my influence. In fact, if he played B or C, I think he could have threatened to cut off the two marked stones above, and possibly kill one of them. Basically, the cautious response meant that from this point onwards, I simply could just defend and remain ahead on territory. He tried a corner invasion in the upper right corner, which I managed to kill (for a change), but part of me felt that if it had lived, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game, so I was merely fighting out of sheer pride. Overall it was a nice game, a short one (only 150+ moves) but still sweet.


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