[book] A first edition of “GO proverbs illustrated”!

An out of print first edition by someone who taught Go Seigen? Those facts alone will make me a full stone stronger…

I just got this book… it cost me a bit, but I didn’t care! It’s an investment, because my bibliophilic heart just danced and will keep dancing, preventing it from buying other books for no reason for at least a while… This is Segoe Kensaku’s “GO proverbs illustrated”, 1st edition, printed in 1960 by the Japanese Go Association. Now, I know that there are other books out there about proverbs – some good, some evil; to illustrate this: one the first end of that spectrum (not counting Segoe’s book) is the recent Nihon Kiin’s “Proverbs”, and on the other hand (judging from some reviews) “New Go Proverbs Illustrated”… But I didn’t buy this because I want to learn from it, I bought this so I could go raise the departed Segoe Kensaku from the grave so his zombie hands can sign this first edition before, you know, he eats my brains or something.

So this will be my holiday reading, and I’ll post a little review here afterwards… Not that a review is helpful, considering it is out of print, but still.


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