A plan for the holidays

Today is the last day… of the WORLD!!!! Mwoahahahaaa~

Just being silly… today is the last day of the (working) year, as tomorrow I will not be returning to the office; because it is closed for the holidays. I’ll be back (there) on the 8th of January. 20 days of rest… and debauchery… I am looking forward to it.

So for the holidays I’ve decided to work hard to ensure that I am at least 1 (if not 2 or 3) stones stronger when the new year kicks off! I will start this on the 22nd of this month, because tomorrow I’m heading to Durban for a well deserved three days of doing absolutely nothing; I could stay in Cape Town and do nothing, but in fact I am going to Durban to do nothing… because I can. Anyway, here is is my plan:

  • Go through Learn To Play Go Vol 2 & 3 again; I have finished both, but I want to strengthen what I learned here;
  • Go through Basic Techniques of Go again; for the same reason as above;
  • Finish Go Problems for Beginners Vol 1 & 2; the first will be easy, the second will be less so;
  • Play at least 10 live games a week on either KGS, IGS, OGS, or WBaduk;
  • Make all my moves on OGS and DGS (duh…);
  • Play a few games on Tygem, just because;
  • Go through all the reviews that fellow Cape Town Go Club members have done for some of my games (about 10 in all)
  • Solve at least 5 problems on one of those apps I downloaded but never used

We’ll see if I manage… But my aim is to beat 10k master at 7 stones handicap, 2 less at which I am beating him 70 percent of the time…


3 thoughts on “A plan for the holidays”

  1. Sounds like a great plan. Seems like you’ve already made a 1-3 stone jump between our two games on DGS. I asked my sensei to plan my go training in terms of what to do and read, so starting tomorrow I have lots of practice to do, I hope I can become a stone or two stronger after the holidays too.


    1. Well, I am continually remind myself not to get into fights when I can avoid it in our game… but at this point I think we’re fairly even, and if it comes to pure fight skills to decide the game I’ll probably will not be strong enough despite the 9 stone handicap…

      I’m looking forward to a holiday of studying really ^_^

      Good luck to you in your practice!


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