A wishlist for Christmas

On this Christmas eve… I want to wish the world a very very happy Easter!

No joke, I wish people a happy Easter every Christmas, an old habit of mine…

But in the spirit of the holidays I decided to make a little wish list for myself, but in order to give me incentive I will link it to future goals. So I will buy myself these things, at each of these milestones.

Breach the SDK barrier

  • A nice new board and stones, perhaps from Keima…

Beat Corner Killer (2k) in a 9 handicap ranked game

  • 1000 ZAR worth of books

Catch up with 10k Master

  • Get a tattoo…

Become a dan ranked player

  • Get myself a hand fan… because without one you’re not a real dan player
  • Also I will buy a domain for my blog and get rid of the ads

Catch up with Corner Killer; pretty sure he’ll be a dan ranked player by that time

  • Shin kaya board

Beat The Kibitzer (3d) in an even ranked game

  • A set of yuki slate a shell stones…

Well… we’ll see if I make it… catching some of these people will be extremely hard, considering that 10k Master already moved from 10k to 8k on DGS in the past few months… Rank increases at SAGA are slower ’cause we play less games and there are less people to play with, so he is stronger than his 10k ranking.

Anyway, I think I’ll get my fancy set of stones (i.e. beat someone I’ve nicknamed The Kibitzer) after another few (read: many) years probably, cause he’s advancing as well. Though overall, I would like to think that I’d reach 10k by next year August, a full year since I first started playing seriously.


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