A baduk kinda day

On of the Cape Town club members invite people over for a day of pizza and baduk, or go as he calls it, since it has been about two weeks since we had a decent club evening. So five of us converged just outside Cape Town – to me tableview is outside Cape Town – for a few games.

B+35.5; 9H, 0.5 dum [덤; komi]
B+35.5; 9H, 0.5 dum [덤; komi]
I played this game against a 10k, and won; it’s been a few weeks since I played over the board and it was great holding actual stones in my hand, rather than clicking on a screen. The game started fairly usual, with a 9 stone handicap to even out the game, and 0.5 dum [덤; komi]. We got into a fight in the lower area, and I nearly succeeded in killing his two groups until I made a tragic mistake, with him getting a snapback; instead of playing, I defended, and sacrificed four stones, rather than 5. But if you look at the lonely throw-in on the bottom of the board, well, basically all the white stones around it were dead the moment I made that throw-in. However, when he managed to capture the four stones (the four empty spaces up and to the right, shaped like that one idiotic tetris stone) it rose from the dead like a very much alive zombie. It was a mistake, because I could have easily saved them, I just didn’t think things through… In the end I still won the game, and got 500 points on the SAGA rating system; not enough for a promotion, but one more win will do that.

Afterwards I played a game against a 2d, and on the board I lost… naturally… severely… I don’t have a shot of the last position, but took a photo of the count. He won by over 80 points, though considering the rank difference it isn’t that bad a loss actually. Or at least, I keep telling myself that. Though if you calculate a reverse dum based on rank difference, it would be about 109.5 points, and then the difference in my favour would be similar to the earlier game. In part perhaps this is an indication of the amount of stones I’m under-ranked right now on the system, though that should correct itself in a few more games.

W+a whole lot...
W+a whole lot…

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