Dragon Round-Robin 2015

So I’ve entered the Dragon Round-Robin  2015 Tournament – 19×19 – DDK Division; it consists of several rounds, with the first one seeing the 247 participants divided up in 27 pools. Pool 3, where I ended up, looks as follows:

Name ID Rank
FIRAT ASAR Enigmight 10k (+46%)
a space apollospace 11k (+36%)
Aimé CARON stonerider 12k (-9%)
selbstlaut selbstlaut 13k (-19%)
Adam Brown Hylidae 15k (+9%)
Benjamin Hillier CaptainSumo 16k (-22%)
W. Spencer Clark I DoubleU 18k (-25%)
HeJin Kim yearsago 20k (-5%)
Hanspeter Schmid hanspi 25k (+36%)

As you can see, clearly the odds will be ever in someone else’s favour. I mean, there are 2 stones between me and the next higher ranked person, and 10 between me and the top player in the pool (if only it was a swimming pool). Though I didn’t think I’d have a chance of winning when I entered; I find that tournaments on DGS or OGS are just good ways of getting serious games. Also, the timeframe is often perfect for me, fast paced but still correspondence. The settings for this is Canadian, 1 day main time and 14 days with 14 stones; this is quite fast, a lot more so than the games in the ladder, but in order to get this tourney finished, I guess it makes sense… otherwise it would be the Dragon Round-Robin 2015-until-the-better-part-of-FOREVER. My aim is to just see how high I can get in the pool, only the top player of the pool moves on to the second round, so no chance I’d make that; but we’ll see how it goes.


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