[DGS] Rematch, and progress

B+Resign; 6.5 deom [덤;komi]
B+Resign; 6.5 deom [덤;komi]
So I had a rematch with someone who I’ve played about three months ago; back then it was only the 3rd game I finished on DGS. That particular game I had played with a 4 stone handicap as black, and lost by resignation. So, when he joined my even game, I was quite excited to see how much I had caught up to them. Turns out that I definitely caught up the 4 handicap stones in those months; though this isn’t that hard, at the high geup [급; kyu] levels ranks are very volatile. Anyway, my opponent resigned at move 98, when I had a clear advantage in influence in the rest of the board.

Personally, I would have played on; I’m not entirely sure that they had lost this game by this point, the upper side might have more Black influence, but white could definitely pull off at least the 3-3 invasion in the right corner, and also work to create territory by trying to isolate some of the stones; the influence on the top does looks a bit thin. The middle White territory, if he defends at J6 to solidify it, and the side is larger than Black’s in the bottom, despite the dead white stones there. Also the right corner is quite big for White. I think it could have easily been a close game… Actually I would love to play this out with someone, though I’m not sure on how to go about it online… I guess we’d have to play out the sequence of moves up to 98 and then start play… Any takers?

For reference, the game we played three months ago is here. In that game I resigned during the middle game; I still think that there is no way I could have won that game.


3 thoughts on “[DGS] Rematch, and progress”

      1. I’m sure a really strong player could make life and take away a lot of blacks potential in the upper half of the board, but against an equally strong opponent I think it would be very difficult. White could take the corner but take basically makes the rest black territory. White would have to do something drastic in the middle top. Black is so strong he could poke and attack so easily. But of course white should at least try, I think it is too early to resign.


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