E3A is back! For now…

When I logged into KGS, I usually check out the empty triangle room; sometimes there are really fun conversations happening… And to my surprise, there was an announcement of two new comics at the Empty Triangle! I love the Empty Triangle, it is my favourite webcomic (tied with xkcd)! Please do check them out here and here. I am all giddy now ^_^

So basically the author, Chidori, has been too busy getting a degree; I can relate to that, but I’ve got my priorities sorted though: mindless internet stuff will always take priority over getting assignments done for school. Anyway, she revived her comics briefly as she is selling some merchandise at the European Go Congress in Liberec, at the request of someone who is part of the organising team. she kinda states that this is the last of E3A, but my theory is that if she sells enough she might reconsider. As EGC is happening right now, please go buy everything she has! Her T-shirts, pendants… Frakkin’ yeah, even her board and stones! And her shoes and coat! Maybe, just maybe, she’ll understand that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT REGULAR E3A COMICS!

Also, she might draw a nice banner to replace the crappy cat-on-a-board I drew when I started this blog… ^_^


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