About me

Apart from trying to play baduk, at which I fail at varying degrees depending on the weather, I am an overworked NGO worker and a sort of writer who spends too much time reading fan fiction. I blog too much, and spend whatever spare time I have hoping that The Empty Triangle will post another comic, learning another language, and reading complicated recipes for fancy food I’ll never cook.

Writing is an obsession I binge on – always have, and always will – from poetry to Star Trek fan fiction. I love xkcd and practically worship Joss Whedon. I’m extremely radical in my politics, but will still do anything for ice cream. Overall, I’m an autodidact in every way, and have educated myself in many useless things.

Apart from playing baduk in real life (meaning, that strange space where we see each others faces without webcams and where we don’t need an internet connection to talk), I do sail the vast ocean of online baduk, eternally scared of falling of the edge.

My handle on DGS, KGS, IGS, OGS, and WBaduk is yearsago; on Tygem it is 3yearsago, because someone managed to snatch yearsago up before I got to it…

To whoever registered as yearsago on Tygem: I will pay actual money, real $$$ that I have ready here, cash for you, to get! … it might be Zimbabwean $$$, but still…

My ranking varies across servers and places, but this is how it currently stands:

Server Rank
Real-life (SAGA) 15급
KGS 16급
IGS 17급?
OGS 17급
DGS 22급
WBaduk 25급?
Tygem 18급

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Tygem is weird. And there are a LOT of sandbaggers on there, so I would advise staying away from there for a while unless you’re sure that you won’t be traumatized by the sandbaggers.
    It’s nice to meet you and looking forward to watching your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

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