Do you know why a Go Board is 19×19?

I think that a 19×19 board definitely is the perfect size, though it personally seems more like something that evolved out of tradition. In this maybe it is happy coincidence that the board evolved to the perfect size?I’m not sure, old boards in Chinese were found 17×17, which still seems like a great size

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The size of a go board has gone through many changes, from 9×9 to 15×15 to 17×17 and then finally to 19×19. Actually no matter what the size is, a proper game of Go can be played. It can even be enlarged to 21×21 or 23×23. Why then, is it that it stops at 19×19?

This is actually related to the idea of balance. As we all know, on a go board, the 3rd line is the territory line, while the 4th line is influence line. If we want to get all the points on the 3rd line and below, we need 56 stones, and get 136 points in total. If we want to get all the points in the centre on the 4th line and above, we need 48 stones, and can get 121 points in total.

56 stones to get 136 points on the sides and corners

56 stones to get 136 Points in the sides and…

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