This is not my cat

Smushyfaced cat in the sun
This is my friend’s cat

Actually I don’t even have a cat, but if I had one she’d be a shodan simply because she’s a cat; she would stare you down with those all-knowing, intimidating, cat eyes… face it, you would resign before you even played your first stone. Also, she’d play baduk, not go, cause she’s Korean (sort of.)

Mainly, I am chronicling my journey into the geek filled world of baduk, since I have an addiction to starting blogs (though I binge seriously when it comes to maintaining them.) While I always liked the game, playing now and then, since last month (being August 2014) I somehow became intensely serious about it; surprisingly so, since I am always told that I don’t take anything serious (or people just don’t get how I do “serious”)… I am even thinking of buying a hand fan, to be all baduk player-like; though I’m given to understand that waving a hand fan around is usually reserved for dan ranked players.

So what about the cat? Well, it came after the comic below caught my eye; after seeing this I suddenly understood cats, and how they are our benevolent overlords who will one day turn evil and use their baduk skills to conquer and enslave humanity… I’m sure their plan also involves zombies, though their ways are higher than ours and I have yet to figure out how it all fits together.


Empty Triangle #044
My friends cat would beat this cat with ease



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