Perpetually under construction

So I decided to create another blog, because WordPress makes them free (so why not?)

Recently, I started playing baduk [바둑] (also known as igo [囲碁] in Japan, wéiqí [圍棋] in China, and simply “go” on the rest of the ball of dirt floating around the universe… kinda like that one stone on a 19×19 board when the game opens); I have played it before, just for fun, but somehow I started getting serious (I mean, as serious as I tend to get about anything in life) and have been playing weekly at the Cape Town Go Club. Of course, this has created change in my life: firstly, I’m hanging out with a demographic (white, middle aged, straight men) that are as rare as pink unicorns in my personal life; secondly, I’m actually sticking with something (for now.) These two things are so remarkable that I wanted to document my entry into this fascinating world of geeks, strategy, and online go servers…

But of course, this place will be as always perpetually under construction, as I’ll keep tinkering with it for years to come… seriously I was really just looking for any excuse to create another blog.



In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man still has only one eye…

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