[problem] White to play and live… correctly this time…

So this is a little problem that came up in my game… it is actually really simple, but my opponent made a mistake; granted, I made a follow up mistake to his mistake, and he followed up with a mistake that ultimately let me kill it anyway. In the actual game it didn’t make a difference whether it lived or not, but it was an interesting review of our mutual stupidity.

Black to play and kill
White to play and live

14 thoughts on “[problem] White to play and live… correctly this time…”

  1. If I recall correctly, White’s chance at life came before this. Can’t remember the exact position, but there was definitely more to this one. When White invaded Black defended wrongly, giving White the chance at life, but White chose death instead.


  2. This is dead.
    I also cannot find a ko 😦
    W 2-5; B 1-4
    White cannot defend against B1-6 and B2-1 at the same time.


    1. yep… and he played 1-5 instead… Oh yeah I was browsing around cause I was waiting for automatch to get me a game. Will say hi next time! Btw, we should play sometime again


    2. I’m probably being slow here, but what after black responds with 1-4 to 2-5?
      I read: W2-5, B1-4, W2-1, B1-6, then White doesn’t have liberties to play 1-5


      1. yeah… the moral of the story here is that when you come up with a solution to a problem on the board after x amount of wine… even the kibitzing 2k will make an error…


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